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Selección del tipo de enfriador industrial y composición del sistema


Accurate selection of industrial chiller needs to meet 6 conditions, selection is an important problem in the selection of water chiller, large selection is a waste of material resources, small selection is not up to the ideal cooling effect, so how to correctly select the industrial chiller?

There are many types of conventional cooling equipment, but the application of chiller is relatively wide, it can control the temperature in a certain range, and the refrigeration effect is stable, suitable for all walks of life.

Due to different industries, the demand for industrial water chillers is also different. When the cooling water chiller unit is selected, it can be selected according to the following 6 elements.
Condición 1: rango de temperatura

When selecting industrial chillers, should first consider the requirements of the factory for the preparation temperature. The temperature of the chiller unit is very important to the type selection and system composition. For example, chillers used for air conditioning and chillers used for cryogenic engineering are often fundamentally different.

Condición 2: capacidad de refrigeración y de una sola unidad

The cooling capacity of the glycol chiller is directly related to the energy consumption and operation economic effect of the whole unit, which is worthy of attention. In particular, when designing the cold station, generally, a single chiller system is not set, which mainly takes into account that when a industry chiller fails or stops for maintenance, it will not stop production, but a reasonable number of units should be selected in combination with the production situation.

Condición 3: consumo de energía

Energy consumption refers to power consumption and steam consumption. In particular, when selecting large industrial chillers, the comprehensive utilization of energy should be considered, because large chillers are a kind of equipment that consumes large energy. Therefore, for large refrigeration stations for cooling, the comprehensive utilization and balance of electricity, heat and cooling should be fully considered, and the full utilization of waste steam and heat should be paid special attention to, in order to achieve good economic results.

Condición 4. Protección del medio ambiente

Environmental protection must be taken into account in selecting water chillers to meet the requirements of production, scientific research and living. For example, the following should be paid attention to: noise will occur when the chiller is running, and the noise value increases or decreases with the size of the chiller, there are also some refrigerant used for chiller toxicity, taste, combustion and explosive. Some refrigerants will destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere, when they reach a certain degree, they will bring disasters to mankind.

Condición 5: vibración

The industrial glycol chiller will vibrate during operation, but the frequency and amplitude vary greatly due to different unit types. If there are anti vibration requirements, the chiller with small amplitude shall be selected, or the foundation and pipeline of the chiller shall be subject to vibration reduction treatment.

Condición 6. Calidad del agua de refrigeración

The quality of the cooling water has a great influence on the heat exchanger, which endangers the equipment by scaling and corrosion, which will not only affect the reduction of the cooling capacity of the chiller, but also lead to the blockage and damage of the heat exchange tube in serious cases.